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Powerful Crown upgrade 500mW green laser torch/waterproof


Susie has come through once again. On Jan 21 I placed an order for a "Powerful Crown upgrade 500mW green laser torch/waterproof". I received a tracking number on Feb 2 and it left Singapore on the 7th. Arrived in the US on the 8th and was at my door the 16th.

I have purchased several lasers from Susie and they have always produce more power that was listed on their site, I have not had one die yet and I use them daily. This last one is very impressive. The beam is visible in the air in broad daylight and the spot on a white target 20 feet away is far too bright to look at. The housing and holster are very well made and quite attractive.

All in all, Thank you Susie and the staff at O-like, well done!

Summerville, Oregon
Date Added: 02/16/2012 by Dan Clemens