Wireless temperature and humidity meter/Laboratory /100M long

Wireless temperature and humidity meter/Laboratory /100M long
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1. high precision: accurate temperature to 0.1 degrees, humidity is accurate to 0.1%.

2. update speed: an update every 2 seconds.

3. It contains detecting end and receiving end , the probe end through the LCD screen real time display temperature and humidity independent and transmit a radio signal; the receiving end can be connected to the computer by the temperature and humidity data remote reading detection end.

4.  detector / transmitter and receiver communication distance up to 100 meters (non blocking distance)

5. detection ends of a rechargeable battery, charging sustainable after the completion of the work more than 6 hours.

6.received open computer software program code end, customers can according to their own needs to continue free development.

7. detection of transmitter size is only 90mm*90mm (not including antenna), in the case of battery powered, the user can be placed into any narrow space or artificial cannot directly monitor environment.



Temperature and humidity are the two basic parameters of the laboratory is the most important, the stability of temperature and humidity influences the performance of the laboratory instrument operation, it is not always someone in which monitoring (such as night time), but sometimes not convenient people stay for real-time monitoring in the laboratory (e.g. the lab is of some experiments, no jamming), so one has the function of wireless transmission temperature hygrometer is necessary, our baby just meets the need in this area, the customer can remotely through the receiving end of real-time monitoring, and can freely development process, such as setting alarm prompt etc.. Because the probe end has the advantages of small volume, in the case of battery powered, the customer can be placed in the interior of the instruments, remote monitoring of some instruments internal temperature and humidity.

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