BUSHNELL 10X25 Laser Range finder 700m Golf Finder Monocular

BUSHNELL 10X25 Laser Range finder 700m Golf Finder Monocular
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2011 the latest laser ranging functions by numerous to Jane, more quickly and more accurate! More than the old one eyepiece size and work better than the old one. With continuous ranging function, can be measured the moving object. Take out the old one of each manual modes, according to the new environment to switch mode.
Three generations of laser ranging telescope (hereinafter referred to as ranging telescope), combined with ordinary telescope and the function of the laser displacement meter, in GuanChaJing objects in at the same time, but at a distance measurement range the distance of the object, and ranging time is (0.02 seconds), distance show intuitional, power saving, automatic power when not in use.
Laser rangefinder telescope transmission power small, to the human eye safety; Don't need cooperation goal, but for any object location; Small volume, light weight, easy to carry; Within a quarter use machine 3 V battery, change and new purchase all very convenient. Automatic identification rainy day mode, even if rainy day will not affect ranging; Automatic eliminate close wire, branches, the influence of small target.
Ranging telescope is widely used in golf, hunting and other sports, field activities and erect power pole of distance measurement, can also be used for general topography measurement.
Ranging range: 5-700 M (the weather good practical 4-800 meters can be measured)
Ranging way: semiconductor laser ranging (to the human eye harmless)
Location error: + /-1 M, + /-0.1%
Ranging showing the way: in view LCD display (directly display distance, without conversion)
Effective optical lens diameter: 25 mm
Film fasten: multilayer coating
Magnification: 10 times
Overall size: 110 X75X40mm
power supply: CR2 (3 V)
lens cloth, with bag, English instruction, gift box
Press the "ACTION/ON" key of the power, turned ON the power.
Press the "MODE" MODE key about 5 seconds, switching selection of distance metric unit M or Y code system. Has the dynamic data switching function, which measured back to a data, hold "mode" button, switch unit (M and Y) and automatic conversion of data and real-time display.
Press the "ACTION/ON" executive key 1 time, then starts to ranging 1, the top right corner have simulation incentive mechanism of light emission from symbol in circulation flashing, said it was launching laser, the data showed that in the back middle, and also shows that reflected the discretion of the quality target instructions, and is divided into 5 levels, from left to right by the five small piece of composition, the small piece of the smaller the better reflection said, when miss show "--" four short horizontal line, said the goal not too far back. Data showed that will always remain true to the next operation or automatic so far without electricity.
Hold "ACTION/ON" executive key not loosen, then immediately began to scan the continuous ranging, measurement data constantly refresh shows, until loosened.
When the battery is fast finished in the top left corner will display a battery symbols, says should change the battery.
In the main window, the power supply will be in no operation of automatic power after about 30 seconds.
If feel the telescope is not clear, can rotate through the eyepiece focal length adjustment to change the definition.
Note meaning of things
1, do not keep open rangefinder, lest may hurt you or damage to the equipment.
2, do not use hand wipe glass surface, please use special brush lens cloth. With a soft outside surface by to wipe.
3, don't flip batteries.
4, long time should remove battery when not in use.
5, when not in use should be kept in dry places.
6, should be in the temperature of — 20 ~ +40 scope to use
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