20K Laser Galvo Mirror w/Power supply/program board/IC/Animation

20K Laser Galvo Mirror w/Power supply/program board/IC/Animation
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20K laser Galvo mirror with power source address code potentiometer IC
White plain no ILDA interface board
White fraction code plate is ILDA
Black liquid crystal board has ILDA
Blue SD with 2G SD card
Animation Laser dedicated manufacturers
A set of vibrating mirror includes: X axis Y axis control board vibration head and connecting line special power supply
Features: This product is only a light source for you to work convenient and simple.
In accordance with the 30K Standard Test of vibration mirror
The actual speed is about 25K
Can play general animation can not play video


Power supply: 110V-220V AC 50-60HZ +15V 1.5A -15V 1A output
Maximum scan speed: greater than ILDA 20kpps @ 8° 
Lens type: high quality media lens (can be coated with aluminum)
Reflectivity >97% (25 -65), in 400nm-700mm (RGB system)
Lens size: Y:12X6.5X0.7mm X:12X6.5X0.7mm
Lens reflectivity: >97% (25 -65)
Maximum angle: 55
Signal input: + 5V
Drive adjustment: gain adjustment, size and position, signal damping, servo increase.
Components: Galvo Mirror , magnifying glass / drive plate, line, installation, power supply,

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