10K Laser galvanometric w/Power supply/program board/IC/Animatio

10K Laser galvanometric w/Power supply/program board/IC/Animatio
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This set is included with X axis,Y axis,Program board ,Mirror galvanometer head,address code,potentiometer,Microphone head,professional power supply ,Program IC ,etc

This set just needs a laser light source then it will work It can get up to 15K around ,it can Play animation, no Video


Power supply voltage: 15V
Analog signal input impedance: 200K 1% (differential input), 100K 1% (single ended input)
Position output impedance: 1K 1%
Position input ratio: 0.5 V/
Analog input range: 5 V
Position compensation range: + 2V
Position output ratio: 0.5 V/
Deviation output ratio: 0.5 V/
Electron temperature stability: 40PPM/
Peak current: 2A
Average current: 0.5A (with power, load and heat dissipation)
Ideal imaging position (plane)
Working temperature: 0~40: 81.5mm x 40.5mm x 28mm
Maximum scan angle (mechanical angle): 30 (20) optical angle
Rotor inertia: 0.025 gm*cm2, 10%
The built-in RGB Laser Tube Driver
Red 150mA 2.5V
Green 300mA 2.0V
Blue 150mA 4.8V

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