Mini DIY Programmable RGB Animation Stage laser light

Mini DIY Programmable RGB Animation Stage laser light
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Mini DIY Programmable  DJ Full color RGB Animation Stage laser light/sound actived


You can DIY your favorate images and digitals,words in SD card

There are hundreds of images in SD card already ,You can change by yourself

Green laser <50mW

Red laser <100mW

Violet laser <100mW











1, a 2 laser light, AC adapter, a 3 manual 1 4, SD Card 1
1, in strict accordance with procedures described in the instruction manual operation, do not disassemble lamps.
2, the product is only suitable for indoor use, and to ensure that water, moisture, shock, do not use in dusty environments.
3, based on semiconductor laser characteristics, the working environment required temperature 15 ~ 30 ℃, continuous two hours later, take off lights for 10 minutes, the laser will cool down completely.
4, to prevent foreign matter into the body, so as not to cause trouble.
5, do not frequent at the beginning, so as not to affect the life of the laser light and to avoid prolonged open.
6, to avoid the observation of laser equipment used afar, this may increase the risk.
7, once again transport, please note that earthquake, it is best to use the original packaging.
1, the laser light risk rating for the CIass lllA, to observe directly in the beam is dangerous.
2, the lamp on the power requirements of 100-240V-50-60Hz, if out of this range, it is recommended to use voltage regulator device, otherwise it will seriously affect the laser life.
The products in the factory has been comprehensive and rigorous testing, the user should strictly comply with the above stated warnings and operating instructions, due to misuse of any product damage caused is not within the scope of our warranty, which led to the neglect of manual failures and problems are not within the scope of the dealer responsible for any action on the human body generated by the laser damage, the company responsible.
Power: AC adapter input AC100-240V/50-60Hz, output +15 V 1000mA/15V 500mA
Laser - Wavelength: 532nm (green), 660 nm (red), 405nm (violet)
Size: 195.5X141X112.5mm
Product Weight: 1.28KG/PC

SD Laser Control System
1, the system only supports the FAT32 file system, the use of the new SD card, first formatted as FAT32.
2, the system only supports short file name, file name (including the folder name) of up to 8-bit file name and 3 extension, file name and extension of letters, file name can not exceed 8 bits, can not have Chinese characters, or files system does not recognize.
3, SD Card special card to be dedicated, (containing Program.rar files, this software is trial version, to be recognized in the state of anti-virus software to use.)
4, create a folder, you need to create a folder under the file folder with the same name of the PRG file and put the folder the file you want to play all the editing to the PRG file, then play the edited speed "Key seek" mode, the playback speed, for example, in the AA folder, create a AA.prg (program list).
5, the program list: Users can use a text editor (Notepad) to edit the program list, and its extension should be changed to. PRG. Program list file name from the play, playback speed, playback frequency components, in the middle, "separated. each line item to edit a program. For example, a program by the abl. ild, ab2. ild, ab3. ild three files, abl, ild playback speed is 15K, repeat play 3 times, ab2. ild playback speed is 20K, 1 player times, ab3. ild playback speed is 18K, 4 plays, then (program list. Prrg)
Contents are as follows:
abl. ild, 15,3
 ab2.. ild, 20,1
 ab3. ild, 18,4
6, the system supports a file format standard ILD, ILD is a file extension.

LCD display mode state and operations:
◆ program Table: Play list mode
◆ Key Seek: keyboard selection mode
◆ Audio Mode: voice-activated mode
◆ Auto Mode: Automatic mode
◆ System Set:: System Settings
◆ Floder Select: working folder
1 Turn the power switch plug in SD card, touch LCD MODE button to display the second line "Program Table" (playlist mode) press the ENTER key (confirmation) Play SD card automatically at this time the internal pattern. For the next feature to switch back to the main menu, tap the MODE button.
2, Tap MODE button for the second line of LCD displays "Key Seek" (keyboard selection mode) Press ENTER key (confirmation) key then press the UP or DOWN key to turn up and down play the selected pattern.
3, Tap MODE button for the second line of LCD displays "Audio Mode" (Voice Mode) Press ENTER key (confirmation) this time into the voice state (IC stored within the player designs) for the next function touch switch MODE button to return to the main menu.
4, tap the MODE button for the LCD display the second line "Auto Mode" (automatic mode) then press ENTER key (confirmation) this time into the player automatically stored within the IC design, for the next feature to switch back to tap the MODE button to the main menu.
5, Tap MODE button for the second line of LCD displays "System Set:" (System Settings) Press ENTER key (confirmation) into the "Colr Mode Set" (color settings) Press ENTER key (confirmation) UP key and DOWN keys, respectively, Select color, color, three colors. Press the ENTER key (confirmation) by UP or DOWN button to select "Audio Set" (voice sensitivity setting) press ENTER key (confirmation) key and press the UP DOWN keys to set the sensitivity, press the ENTER key (confirmation), by UP key and DOWN key Select "Phasic Set" (phase-setting) press ENTER key (confirmation) key and press the UP DOWN keys to select the XY-or X + Y press the ENTER key (confirmation).
6, tap the MODE button for the LCD display the second line "Floder Select" (SD card inside a folder selection) Press ENTER key (confirmation) into the folder list, press the UP key or DOWN button to select a folder, press the ENTER key press ( confirmed) then it is broadcast on the selected folder

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