High precision laser frequency counter (with time delay function

High precision laser frequency counter (with time delay function
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High precision frequency counter
1 with two counting channels, the A channel can count the signal of 10kHz ~300MHz,B channel can count the TTL signal of 1Hz~1MHz, and the counting accuracy can be accurate to 1Hz.
2 this counter with a RF output channels, the internal 50MHz frequency of crystal oscillator or an external RF input signal frequency output 1 ~ 99.
3 this counter with four TTL output channels, each channel frequency from 1 Hz to 1 MHz respectively (trigger), external trigger can be their frequency of trigger signal; each channel output signal duty ratio is adjustable; each channel signal delay ns ~ 1ms can tune (minimum resolution for 0.25ns); the output signal of each channel can be output from the inverting can also be output only the high level or the low level.
Four channel output pulse signal if the same frequency or frequency multiples (such as between 1kHz and 3kHz). Between pulses will automatically sync (between timing jitter less than 50ps)
5 its size is 130mm * 90mm * 35mm, compact, easy to carry.
6. The counter of the laser pulse repetition frequency counting, measuring Q-switched laser repetition frequency, ultrafast oscillators (femtosecond or picosecond laser repetition frequency measurement.
7 this counter synchronous signal output can be used for Q synchronization control between laser pulse; of ultrafast amplifiers in of oscillator, amplifier pumping source and amplifier of the Pockels cell between synchronization control; external frequency division trigger the pulse laser; also can be in the laser pulse signal delay after triggering other instruments and equipment.

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