12V 5A 1W -3W 445nm/405nm/520nm 1W laser driver/adjustable

12V 5A 1W -3W 445nm/405nm/520nm 1W laser driver/adjustable
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New 1W 1.6W 3W445/405/520nm 12V laser driver/Buck constant current driving circuit

Launched a new high power blue drive circuit, increase line port 5521DC in previous versions of and solve the market stage laser drivers are not directly connected with the defect, of course this is not only for laser driver. At the same time, it can used to step down all kinds of constant current source, on the market are mostly without rectification, can only be used for DC, this AC / DC can be used, regardless of the positive and negative input, so that greatly improve the convenience of non professional users.

Circuit control: 12V buck circuit, constant current output (current voltage adjustable)
Output size: 3A Max
Applicable scope: 200mW-3W 405/445/450/520nm drive power RGB Laser
Dimensions: 29*49mm (wide * length), high - containing plate 15.5mm
Input voltage: 8-14V

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